vendredi 29 mai 2015

Being connected . Love me, love me not . . .


If I say to you:

“You are connected”
What comes to your mind ?
What comes to your mind with no thinking ?
And what  comes to your mind after giving it some thoughts ?

In its positif aspects ?
And in its less positive aspects?
In its negative aspects ?

I am not talking about what you read about it or what your life partner, friends have to say about it. But what you do think and feel about it
What does those internet connections bring into your life ?
Daily, short, medium, long term ?
The +s ? the –s ?

How about taking some time to think about this ?
And I am going to be as annoying as those people who are carrying out an audit: what time re you spending on a screen ?
Personal and professionally wise ?

I can tell you that this is very interesting to objectively assess this time.
You can write this down, say for one day.

Then you can begin to perceive your virtual reality.
I know … virtual reality … what’s that ?!?

While navigating on the net; is there anything else you feel you don’t have time to do at the end of your day ?
If the answer is yes, it may be surprising to re assess this affirmation of not having time for X or Y.

I do believe that the negative aspects of it begin to interfere when their threshold is too high.
What is too high then ?
A threshold becomes too high when its negative consequences create blocages, avoidances, difficulties, discomforts … in your life.

We, as humans, have common needs – amount / quality of sleep, of social connections, of rest . ..
their threshold can vary for each individual.: some of us can need up to 9 hours of sleep per night when others can do with only 6.
Though, under 6 hrs per night, if regular, we all disfunction.

Possible impacts of high threshold

-          Preventing from other wanted or necessary activities
-          Augmenting social isolation
-          Decreasing sometimes not having rest time which may lead to aggressivity, impatience.
-          Operating mainly at a rhythm which is not our body’s rhythm. Power of concentration is modified, pace of thoughts is higher.

Addiction ? FYI, there are centers where people can go to be treated and cured from video games addiction.

How can you know if you are addicted to being connected ?
Ask yourself this question: can I function normally without it ?
Does my behaviour change ? even better; go real: Withdraw it from your life and see what happens in you.
Now, you know.

I suggest you try to stay some time ( you to define it) with no connection.
Check what is happening for you / in you. Nice ? Horrible ? Whare is your conclusion ?

I am not talking here about all the incredible positive aspects of being connected.
They are numerous. Again, you to know what they are for you.

PS: I am personally  addicted and find cutting from them sometimes give me time and space for so much more difference !

Some people have told me:
“I simple cannot stop”
“ Gosh, what a difference it made withdrawing them from my life for a week !”

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