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Testimony on a coaching that lasted 4 sessions, each of about one hour each.
From the Netherlands - Via kype.
This person was struggling after her life partner left her.
Here are a few words she shared with me at the end of her coaching, while she was assessing her work with me.
“I learned a lot about myself. 
It's ok to be selfish from time to time, and put yourself first. 
I'm learning how to do this without feeling guilty

I'm also learning I'm worth to be loved.
I'm a strong woman who can be proud of herself!

I'm relieved my love for X won't turn into hate. 
And that I will be able to give it a place in my life.

About the coaching itself, I liked the length of the assessments, and I liked the flexibility.
What I liked most is that you know how my brain works. What my traps are, and how you warned me for them.
You also gave me the feeling again that I knew what I was doing, doing it right, at an extreme pace.
Hearing it from you made me believe in myself again, and that's exactly what I need.
You also showed me how to get control over myself again, even if my world was completely out of control.
I don't know if the bubble exercise was really helpful – this is an NLP exercise we had prepared and was not helpful for this lady at that time -
One evening I had a conversation with X for the first time since a long time, and I think that helped me better than the bubble exercise. 
But it was probably because of the therapy I was able to have that conversation.

Emotionally I'm stable again
And I certainly didn't expect to be in a happy place again so soon. 
It went much faster than expected.

I really enjoyed this therapy. 
I know I analyse my mind a lot already, but it's nice to have a guide who knows what she is doing, and to stop me if I'm getting to harsh on myself.

The coaching helped a lot ! And I would recommend you ! “
During a coaching, it is the result between the person's commitment, understanding and reaction to what I am helping them understand about their life organisation / behaviour patterns that makes the difference.
It is not the person alone. 
It is not me alone.

It is a combination of 2 commitments. 
One personal and one professional.

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