lundi 3 octobre 2016


Pantanal, Brazil

As I was walking this morning in this English fresh, cold and sunny Monday, my brain got caught by the trillions of droplets in the grass that were shining like diamonds. 

It was absolutely beautiful. I could have stayed there, just staring at that vision.

Nonetheless my thoughts began jumping around.

I will be describing them with a metaphor around sport. 

Maybe those who do not practice have, one day watched a match and can relate to this as well.

When you play sport, and probably most sport if not all; you have to see and feel where your opponent is, in order to be able to physically place yourself properly.  Some players can even do that the fraction of the second before their adversary do, so they are ahead in the match.

The player keeps their own strengths, their put their personality in the game and adapts, takes into account the other player’s moves to be more efficient, whether they will attack or defend.

Just take a few second to visualize this. With Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Volley-ball, Soccer . . . See them moving, see how they react …

Now check this with relationship.
What could happen if you adopt the attitude to stay connected with who you are and place yourself where you will get the best outcome for yourself with what you have to deal with ?

Could you diminish the unwanted feelings that sometimes – often ? – come along : aggressivity, frustration,  anger, rage … ?

Would that help to switch them into assertiveness, calm, strength and peace ?

Wishing you a rocking Monday !

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