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Gender representation and culture

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Around a work meeting yesterday, the person I was with came up with this:
American recognise as many as 5 different genders
and one of the monotheisms recognises 6. 

I had no idea, and I am definitively not surprised about the Native American belief system; I am definitively more about the monotheism.
In this particular case, I could only find a factual description of those 6 types of individuals, nothing on how they were socially considered.
At least, there is a recognition of potential differences.

Native American, before Europeans arrived on their land, had
no set roles for men and women.
They considered: Female, Two Spirit female, Two Spirit male, Male and Transgendered.
The Two Spirit people were highly revered as
being able to understand the world with both genders eyes was considered as a gift from 'The Creator'. 
There was no difference in the tasks Female or Male had to do in the group. 

Their clothes were very similar, and

whatever they were capable of bringing to their community was considered as useful: This is the liberating idea.
How many genders are recognised in your own culture and religion ?

What are the representation of masculinity and femininity in your world ?
Where are you with this representation ?
Cultural and religious gender representation does assign social roles to one individual who might not always fit in.

I have not looked very deep into thist, though I felt it was an interesting conception to share with you, in term of accepting the other for who they are. 

This goes way further than gender and sexuality.

Looking at someone for who they deeply are simply means you also accept yourself for who you are and let go of non useful judgement.

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